Triple Mint Mastering

DWLDWD by Nate Grace was featured as the KUT song of the day last Friday! We recorded the song the weekend before using my magical 8-trk, blew it out using an old cassette tape deck, then mastered it back onto the 8-trk for the triple mint master sound…

Here’s what KUT had to say:

“Austin’s Nate Grace has embraced his lo-fi side, with his first two releases available only in cassette. Now he’s moved on to 7″ with Bangin On Wine. coming out late next month and followed by a west coast tour. On this 7″ is our song of the day, DWLDWD, a track that was previously available in it’s cassette version. The haunting quality of his sound reminds you a little of The Velvet Underground, and a little of an old 45 where they sing about their girlfriend getting hit by a train, while still somehow remaining current. Just give it a listen and you’ll see what I mean…”

-Meg Murphree