LP Sleeve

The Language Of Flowers

After five years of collaboration as Twigs & Yarn, Lauren and I have released our first full-length album on the Japanese label flau! I have never been more proud of a project than this record. The title The Language Of Flowers was borrowed from the Victorian-era practice of using flowers and flower arrangements to send secret messages, each flower representing a thought or emotion that could otherwise not be expressed. Similarly, Lauren and I traded sound files and images usingĀ  ftp servers between Texas and Japan for the better part of a year. These sound clips were intimate forms of sharing, with emotional meaning that would be difficult to express in words. Naturally, this collection of sounds began to form into songs as they were layered together and manipulated. I had never worked like this before but it was an easy transition. When two different sounds are layered together randomly, especially sounds with similar intention, it is amazing how musical and expansive the results can be… Serendipitous!

The record is currently available through the flau website in Vinyl, CD and Digital format. It will be available in US shops soon so stay tuned. We were lucky enough to play with some brilliant artists during a recent two week tour of Japan. You can visit twigsandyarn.net if your curious about the artists we played with. Also, we will be playing an album release show on in Austin on December 16th at Church Of The Friendly Ghost if you would like to purchase the album then…