Sugar Sessions / Dana Falconberry

I think artists perform better when you liberate them from their usual environment. And I think perhaps the best recordings are made in the country! For weeks we wracked our brains to come up with a good location. Dana really wanted to record in an abandoned house, I really wanted to record somewhere with air conditioning… We settled on my Grandmother’s house in Hallettsville, a small town just east of the infamous Shiner, Tx. No one is living there right now so we had plenty of privacy, and my Grandmother’s decorations and collections were pure inspiration for Dana’s lace and chalk style of neo-folk music.

We arrived on Saturday and spent the evening turning the wood paneled living room into a sweet recording studio. On Sunday the whole band arrived, bright-eyed and fresh for a thirteen hour session… We recorded 18 songs, with multiple takes of each song. We specifically wanted to capture a classic ensemble sound with a modern Hi-Fi intimacy and clarity. Luckily the band sounded fantastic and well rehearsed, which makes all the difference when recording so many takes live.

Thanks Dana for an inspiring weekend. And thanks to the musicians for your beautiful voices and effortless style…

Dana Falconberry – songwriting, vocals, guitar
Gina Dvorak – vocals, percussion, banjo
Andrew Bergmann – bass
Lauren McMurray – vocals, percussion

Stay Tuned for the CD release…