some say Leland on the KUT

This is the second time this summer that one of my recordings has been featured on KUT’s Texas Music Matters as song of the day!

KUT song of the day…

I play guitar with some say Leland and engineered/co-produced their recent album Fifty Miles Into The Main. I have been working with them for close to two years now and I’m really proud of the project. The overall mood and musicianship of the album is fantastic and Erik Wofford of Cacophony did a wonderful double mint mastering job.

“Some Say Leland has a gem with their latest full-length, Fifty Miles Into the Main. They’ve assembled a collection of simple, lovely melodies housing tales that strike up a sort of melancholy, a sense of longing that pulls the heart strings mighty hard. But there’s no sentimentality here. These are solid, gorgeous songs, American roots music at its best.” – Laurie Gallardo – Austin Music Minute – KUT

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