Pure Ecstasy in my living room

…Easy 7 sessions

Nate Grace and Puke Scene are now Pure Ecstasy, and they use enough reverb to bake a kitten. Yesterday we recorded three songs straight to 1/2″ 8trk, then transfered them into the computer for editing and mixing. 12 hours later and a new 7″ is waiting to be pressed. Always and everything live and fresh. I am continually inspired by their approach to recording: no overdubs, super relaxed, analog smearing, and mangling amounts of reverb…

Also, I’m proud to mention that “You’re in it now” from the last 7″ we recorded was featured on Pitchfork a few weeks ago, in their forkcast section with a small write up they borrowed from Friendship Bracelet. Hopefully the press gods will once again shine upon us.