Linen Closet at Central Presbyterian

Linen Closet – Snuggle Song

After two nights of warming up the Central Presbyterian Church with too little known phenomenon like some say Leland, Alexa Wooward, John Vinyard, and Lost River/Old River, the universe smiled on Adam Hilton and his group Linen Closet. Or rather, Linen Closet smiled on the universe.

I have seen Linen Closet play only a few times. Perhaps a byproduct of their rarity, each performance is different in instrumentation and dynamics but always special, always heart wrenching. Adam’s voice sounds to me like a morning light revelation, something impossible to share with anyone, the peeking in of self after days of not knowing. When he lets loose I feel suspended and alive; I remember what music is for.

Linen Closet’s exceptionally reserved players include John Vinyard, Travis Austin, Aaron Castillo, Justin Boyle, Henna Chou, Sara Berger, Lauren McMurray and Ethan Greene. I recorded the show with an AMS Soundfield Microphone (thanks Larry!). Expect an EP from Linen Closet very soon…

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