It’s a good life honey, if you don’t grow weary

Alexa Woodward is an Appalachian-influenced banjo/mando player, singer and song writer based in Greenville, South Carolina. We recently finished a full-length album together titled “It’s a good life, Honey, if you don’t grow weary”, which was started back in August of 2010. Alexa has been a great supporter of the Annie Street Arts Collective and some say Leland. She is an amazing artist to work with, possessing both clear artistic vision and a warm humility; I feel very fortunate to have contributed to these wonderful songs!

Most of the tracking was done over a 10 day period at Shine Studios in Austin (after rehearsals at the Annie Street Arts Collective). The players included Linky Dickson, Andrew Pressman, Nick Hennies, Lindsey Verrill, Dan Grissom, Adam Rader, Shakey Graves, myself and many others. We recorded Digital and Mastered to 1/4″ tape at Cacophony Recorders.

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Pale Blue Line from Dale Mackey on Vimeo.