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some say Leland / ghost town antics

“Overflow” – some say Leland

Cole suggested that we go big, so some say Leland decided to employ a junior high orchestra to help us achieve our Morriconian goals.

Lindsey and I decided that the best way to make a junior high orchestra sound fantastic was to let them do exactly what they never get to do: make loud hideous noises with complete disregard to the usual trappings of western music like pitch and timing. Instead of scoring any parts for them, we used a loose framework and a series of hand gestures to create slowly shifting atonal walls of sound that immediately evoke bloody scenes of yore.

Our intent was to collect a dozen or so samples that we could then layer in post production for texture and tension. We collected a few different iterations, most of which started in a particular key and then slowly shifted away from that key and into an atonal cacophony according to Lindsey’s visual cues.


The kids were fantastic and their performance exceeded our expectations. It always amazes me how two disparate sound sources can mesh so well just based on their intent. Even though our guidelines and goals were loose, the orchestra samples fit perfectly… Most of the students didn’t even know the recording was happening, they just showed up to morning rehearsal to find Lindsey and I there with our glitter batons, having never heard the song their performance was intended for.

There is subtle layering of the orchestra throughout the song, but you can hear the orchestra in full effect during the last minute or two of the song. Have a listen!